The Record of St Andrew’s Church, recorded in 2016 but compiled and checked though thewinter, was collected from the book-binder in Cambridge on March 28th, just in time to send a rushed Expenses bill to the Treasurer - but we haven’t cost you very much!

The Norton Record will be presented at 6.00 p.m. on Sunday 11th June - do come to support us!

The Group of 18 Recorders from the two local Arts Societies started in St Leonard’s Church, Horringer on March 6th and everyone seems to be proceeding as happily as possible.

I was invited to talk to the PCC of Culford Church who are anxious to have their Church recorded, but now know it will not be before 2018.

West Stow Church then asked to have their Record done as well, so they will be 2019!

Members of The CR Group and West Suffolk DFAS have volunteered to help complete(well, actually DO) the Inventory of the Cathedral which was started in 1991, since when much has come in, gone out, been stolen or just disappeared, and therefore it needs a lot of exploration. It is a huge task, but a privilege to be given access to all parts and items within this building. We have been given a maximum of 5 years in which to complete the Inventory but shall have finished at least the field-work hopefully in 18 months. The compiling to catalogue standards will be longer.

There is no cost to The Arts Society, just lives …… Because I am slightly busy this year I am not organising a Study Day for Church Recorders, but have booked a speaker on Iconography for February 28th 2018. David continue his work as Photography and Record Delivery Consultant for CRs nationally, and has just finished up-loading 72 Church Records from memory sticks onto The Cloud for The Arts Society. Church Recoding is supposed to be going onto/into the Cloud this year, but as it has proved to be too much for the HQ IT manager to do, it is going to be done commercially so Ther Artsd Society are seeking financial backing, and until then we remain on earth.

Sue M. Church (Recording Group Leader)