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01 October 2019The Empty Chair - how artists depict what is missing
05 November 2019Salvadore Dali: 20th Century Renaissance Artist
03 December 2019History of Auctions
07 January 2020The Artist as Engineer of the soul: Russian Realism
04 February 2020The studio houses of the Holland Park Circle
03 March 2020The man with the pitchfork - iconic paintings from 20th century America
07 April 2020Musical Adventures in Russia; in search of the Snow-Maiden
05 May 2020Photography + Architecture = Art
02 June 2020The Master Masons

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The Empty Chair - how artists depict what is missing Angela Findlay Tuesday 01 October 2019

This talk examines the humble chair as a conduit for profound ideas on themes of protest, absence and memory to domestic and everyday life and how artists depict what is missing.